Innocent drinks: full of goodness

One of the greatest brands in the UK is Innocent Drinks. I love these guys for a number of reasons. They’re a genuinely ‘good’ brand with a soul and charitable brand strategy to match. Their product is tasty, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and they speak with a human voice. When was the last time you read food or drink packaging and actually found it entertaining to read?

This Christmas Innocent are running a promotion to raise money for several charities who work to keep the elderly warm over winter – 50p is donated from each bottle sold.

The coolest thing about this campaign is that each of the bottles are on wearing knitted beanies – as supplied by the innocent drinkers themselves. Innocent could have chosen a far more profitable campaign over Christmas. Logistically, manually applying knitted hats to bottles must be a nightmare. It goes to show that profit wasn’t their only goal. The campaign is a clever way of building the brand, engaging the customers, and achieving amazing stand-out on shelf … but ultimately ‘doing good’.

I think Innocent are a classic example of where marketing needs to evolve to. It’s no longer enough to bolt on a corporate social responsibility campaign – ‘Goodness’ needs to be at the core of everything you do.

For the love of Spam

Ahh … You have to laugh at SPAM.

I was checking out a few of the knitting blogs that are around (and there are more than a few), and found it hilarious that SPAMers had actually gone to the trouble of posting comments referring to penis enlargement ‘blogs’ – and I use the word ‘blog’ very cynically here.

On knitting blogs??

Talk about terrible choice of target market!

Happy Treehugger Christmas

If you’re generally disorganised like me, you might not have finished your Christmas shopping. If not, why not take a look at Treehugger’s Holiday Gift Guide?
Like it or not, I don’t believe our consumerist culture won’t go away in any hurry. So I think the trend towards environmentally friendly products is the way of the future.
I’m optimistic that as we slowly move towards greater environmental conciousnessness, eco-friendly will not only become an essential product benefit, but an expected product feature.

keeping up with it all

Well, it’s been a week now since I last posted. It’s been a busy week. I must admit, it is a struggle to keep up with blogging. It’s so fast paced. I subscribe to the feeds of only 20 blogs (which I guess is a smallish number). All of which are great – I find that by the time I read them all, I’m so overwhelmed that my head is going to explode. Does anyone feel the same?And by the time I get around to writing on my own blog, I feel as though I don’t know where to start.

Anyway, I am going to start trying to post more frequently, and actually try and get some readers. Even one reader would be nice.

Squidoo is live

Seth Godin’s Squidoo now open in public Beta. Definately worth a look. And for a quiet launch, it’s doing rather well. Right now it’s the number one searched item on technorati. Good going for the first day public.


Blogging into the mainstream

A study out in the last week by Bridge Ratings suggests that there are now 4.8 million users of podcasts, versus 820,000 users in 2004. iTunes’ adoption of podcasts is the clear reason why the growth has been so phenomenal.

So what will happen to blogging growth once it enters the mainstream? Well, news this week that the latest version of Yahoo mail includes a full RSS reader. And I’m sure Google will be quick to follow (if they haven’t already) with a service like this.

With Yahoo and Google pushing RSS out to the masses, blogging will surely jump to the next level. The barriers to entering the blogosphere are now lower than ever – and reading a few blogs or subscribing to a few rss feeds requires far less effort than downloading a podcast.

So my feeling is that this is going to be huge.