keeping up with it all

Well, it’s been a week now since I last posted. It’s been a busy week. I must admit, it is a struggle to keep up with blogging. It’s so fast paced. I subscribe to the feeds of only 20 blogs (which I guess is a smallish number). All of which are great – I find that by the time I read them all, I’m so overwhelmed that my head is going to explode. Does anyone feel the same?And by the time I get around to writing on my own blog, I feel as though I don’t know where to start.

Anyway, I am going to start trying to post more frequently, and actually try and get some readers. Even one reader would be nice.

One Response

  1. I have 135 on my subscription list, it’s all in how you filter the posts. I’d go nuts if I tried to ready even 10% of everything hitting my RSS reader.

    You have at least one reader Ben (me), so start setting your sites on getting two.


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