Innocent drinks: full of goodness

One of the greatest brands in the UK is Innocent Drinks. I love these guys for a number of reasons. They’re a genuinely ‘good’ brand with a soul and charitable brand strategy to match. Their product is tasty, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and they speak with a human voice. When was the last time you read food or drink packaging and actually found it entertaining to read?

This Christmas Innocent are running a promotion to raise money for several charities who work to keep the elderly warm over winter – 50p is donated from each bottle sold.

The coolest thing about this campaign is that each of the bottles are on wearing knitted beanies – as supplied by the innocent drinkers themselves. Innocent could have chosen a far more profitable campaign over Christmas. Logistically, manually applying knitted hats to bottles must be a nightmare. It goes to show that profit wasn’t their only goal. The campaign is a clever way of building the brand, engaging the customers, and achieving amazing stand-out on shelf … but ultimately ‘doing good’.

I think Innocent are a classic example of where marketing needs to evolve to. It’s no longer enough to bolt on a corporate social responsibility campaign – ‘Goodness’ needs to be at the core of everything you do.

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