Satugo :: A nice idea

I’ve recently stumbled across SatuGO (via swissmiss), an absolutely cool throwable camera.

It sounds like a wonderful product. You actually throw the SatuGO, where it will take a picture when it hits something. Or you can set off a timer to take photos in the air. Perfect for all your camera-tossing needs. Perhaps it isn’t the greatest neccesity on the grand scale of things. But it’s a nice idea.
And a visit to the SatuGO website confirms that it is just an idea. So far the product hasn’t been manufactured. The team behind Satugo simply designed it and built a website to guage whether or not anyone would be interested in it. So far 2,860 people have claimed to be. 2,861 after I added my name to the list. They’re also looking for an investor and I hope they find one.
This is one of the many reasons I love the internet – You don’t need a company or a factory. You don’t need exhaustive market research. You don’t even need much cash. Just an idea and a computer is all it takes.

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