Social (Yawn) Bookmarking

I agree completely with Steve Rubel’s post entitled Ri.dic.u.lous. There are so many social bookmarking services out there now – let it go guys. might not be the first, the most graphically appealing, or even the best social bookmarking site out there. But it’s the standard. The race has been won.
When it comes to web 2.0 services, it’s definitely time to see some more innovative ideas outside the social bookmarking arena. You only need one social bookmarking app. It’s time to see more services like (for music), zillow (for real estate), or even extratasty (for alcohol).
Everything is RSS-able or ajax-able these days. Rather than being social bookmark manager #4,523 (to quote Steve), why not be #1 in something that hasn’t been done yet?

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