Global warming doesn’t sound so bad …

waste.jpgAn interesting post by Seth Godin yesterday about Global Warming. I think he’s right. If the biggest downfall of global warming is that the Earth gets a few degrees warmer, most people would be happy to put on their shorts as they drive their SUV to the supermarket, to fill up a trolley full of non-recyclable packaging.

On a day to day basis, we don’t see the damage that we’re doing the to the planet. Perhaps could I ask Seth to take a look at the WorldChanging campaign? It makes the whole problem more visible.

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  1. Feb. 2 2007

    27 degrees, Global Warming is helping to change the enviroment. 500 years ago a man was sitting at his desk looking down at a large dried leaf that he was painting a picture on for his kids. He noticed that the room was getting cooler. he spoke to his wife. “Woman bring in some wood from the wood pile and place a fagot on the fire. She agreed the chill was excessive, she dashed out into the snow and grabbed a few small fagots for the fire. Returning inside she asked the man “my love do you think it will ever warm up again?” Yes woman the groundhog report is an early spring. Come next August you will look forward to this global cooling that we are having today. Seasons cycle. Yes my dear man, I understand now the seasons do cycle but I really like global warming the best. She then went to gather more wood so that her man would not be cold.
    He returned to his picture of a man and woman tanning on a tropical beach.
    In the picture the kids were hot so the man painted a tree to give them some shade…….. The woman knew the man was smart!

    Sincerly, Still to cold

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