Social bookmarking goes shopping with Stylehive

sitelogo.pngToday I checked out Stylehive, a new social bookmarking website all about shopping.
It goes live for public browsing tomorrow.

As a free member of Stylehive, you can:

– Discover new brands, products, designers, stores, and experts

– Use the Stylehive’s special tags to build a personalized list. For example, use the wish list tag to build a customized birthday gift shopping list.

– Easily share your shopping finds with other like-minded shoppers, family, and friends

– Discover stylish experts in the Hive and follow favorite designers, brands and shopping topics

– Collaborate easily with groups of people on topics such as home design or designer handbags

– Promote yourself, your blog, your products or your retail store to the Stylehive community

Generally I think that this looks like quite a cool site. It’s certainly well designed, and already there are some great items to spend your dollars on. A nifty web2.0 idea too – A service like this could really take off with the punters. Stylehive may just take social bookmarking to a wider audience than ever will.

I’m not entirely sure that as a “consumer” I have a social shopping problem that I need to solve. The ability to build wish lists could take off though. I wonder if they’ve thought about a wedding gift registry? That could work (just a thought from someone who recently became engaged).

As with all Web2.0 stuff, it’s a little America centric right now … but hopefully there are enough non US bloggers to turn that table over. Thanks to Emily Chang for the invite.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Ben, thanks for checking out the Stylehive and the terrific review about us on your blog. Perhaps there is a use for collaborating with your fiance on caterers, invitations, venues, florists, honeymoon destinations and other wedding planning essentials. Cheers and congrats on your recent engagement! Stephanie Wong – Editor, Stylehive

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