Eggvertising anyone?


I recently stumbled accross EggFusion, an amusing company are who serious about eggs. Very serious. Here's what they have to say about themselves:

Leveraging the power of a product that reaches millions of people daily to increase confidence, promote freshness and strengthen relationships.

What? Increase confidence? Strengthen relationships? With Eggs? They're offering advertising space on eggs! That's it. It's an amusing marketing idea, but that's it. Who are they kidding?

My advice – lighten up a little.

Secondly – I'm all for novel marketing – but this kind of stuff rarely works more than once. Your consumer is exposed to millions of marketing messages each day, and has become pretty good at ignoring most of them – Is an egg really going to give you the cut through you need?

30 second TV ads don't work anymore. Nor do radio ads, billboard ads or or print ads. So it's fairly safe to say that eggvertising won't work either.

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