State of the planet :: In pictures

Gillo Cutrupi has blogged about Seed Magazine's article on the State of the Planet. Like this image below, the article gives many visual representations of the environmental damage we are doing to our planet.


This is a great article, and it's really important for two obvious reasons:

  • Visual representation of facts and figures do so much more to communicate ideas – So wherever you can, use words instead of pictures. More visual clues like these are going to make more people realise that we're ruining the planet. And more visual clues will help you get your ideas across too.
  • We're ruining our planet – You know that, I know that. Enough said.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link. I will check out that article. While I believe we should care for our beautiful earth, I think sometimes extreme measures are taken. The bottom line is that the earth was created for people, and while we certainly should care for our surroundings, people are the most important. I”m sure you also believe that.



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