The economist :: New Media Report

Last week The Economist published a brilliant series of articles on the rise of new media. I recommend you go and take a look.
Author Andreas Kluth covers all of your favourites – blogging, podcasting, wikis, metaversus. He also talks about the huge effect that this "mass-media is over" thing is having on journalism, the way we consume media and society as a whole. Packed with interviews from influencial newmediafolk including Dave Sifry, Adam Curry and Chris Anderson, Kluth delivers possibly the best summary of new media ever written.

One of the most interesting points he picks up on is the change that the Internet generation are going to have on the way we communicate. From an interview with Mena Trott:

… Many adolescents consider e-mail passé, and instead are using either instant messaging (IM) or blogging for their communications … Like blogging, e-mail was supposed to be “asynchronous”, meaning that the people taking part do not have to be online simultaneously. But today's adolescents have never known e-mail without spam and see no point in long trails of “reply” and “cc” messages piling up in their in-boxes. As for synchronous communication, why adults would send e-mails back and forth instead of “IM-ing” is beyond them.

Essential reading.

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