Are the Apples falling off the tree? Or jumping a shark?

It pains me to say it, but does anyone else feel that Apple are on their way to jumping the shark?

There has been plenty of talk about bad customer service from Apple. And talk of "no blogging" policies, arrogance, television advertising. What's going on?

The whole "windows in a mac" strategy is not about looking after your uber-loyal customer base. It's about converting PC-users. It's not a passion or authenticity. It's a growth strategy. A market share strategy. Short term growth. For the Shareholders.

I think Steve Jobs has sold out. He wants to take Apple over the tipping point. Perhaps we should have realized this when they dragged U2 out.

And now Shea Gunther tells us that Apple shareholders have voted "no" to "a proposal by environmental advocates to study how Apple could improve its recycling program".

This is a sad day for geeks everywhere. It doesn't mean that you or I won't continue to buy Apple. God knows how much I want that MacBook Pro.

But Jobs and Apple had better be careful. No one has unlimited Lovemark equity.

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