Firefox Flicks

The winners of Firefox flicks have been announced. Firefox flicks was Mozilla's competition to get its passionate users spread the word about Firefox. Mozilla kicked this competition off by issuing a creative brief. Then they stepped back to let Firefox evangelists do the rest. Nearly 300 entries submitted.

Why, you ask, is this campaign is so much better than the infamous Chevy Tahoe campaign?

For starters, Firefox is a great product. There's nothing bad about it. It doesn't make the roads more dangerous and it doesn't average 20 miles per gallon. When you launch a better browser during an era of internet explosion, people will take notice. And so Mozilla were tapped into how people would respond. They knew that their customer base were loyal. You either love Firefox, or you've never heard of it.

On the other hand, opinions about Tahoes (and all SUVs) are far more polarising. When you launch an environmentally disastrous car in an era of environmental meltdown, expect a bit of flack.

Secondly, Firefox flicks handed 100% of the creative control over to their fanbase. Chevy kept a tighter grip on the reins. The results speak for themselves.

Finally, Mozilla have said that they will use the winning entries in their marketing activities. I'm not sure that Chevy will do the same.

(via Media Talks)

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  1. Firefox 1 Tahoe 0

    Ben Rowe posts that Mozilla’s Firefox has announced its winners of the Firefox Flicks competition. He makes a few really strong points about why Firefox trumped Tahoe, including: The existence of a Creative Brief Firefox is a great product …with

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