10 step guide to social media marketing

Gary Reid has written a great post on the 10 steps to social media marketing. They are:

  1. Who is the story for?
  2. What is the story?
  3. Where are the key knowledge pools/information hubs?
  4. Who are the key user producers?
  5. How will we reward users?
  6. How will we collaborate with users?
  7. How will we measure distribution?
  8. How will we measure ‘actions’?
  9. How will we control the message?
  10. How will we measure success?

I think that as social media marketers, the first step needs should be to make sure that there are no skeletons in the brand's closet. Social media marketing can really only work with brands that are 100% socially responsible.

Social media campaigns will backfire on brands that are hiding something, or doing something bad. Take the recent Chevy Tahoe campaign. One of the (many) reasons why this campaign failed is because SUVs are environmentally irresponsible. As a result, green bloggers came out in droves to create anti-ads on the Tahoe site.

Social marketing makes it very easy to culture-jam these days. There's simply no place in the new media world for brands that aren't 100% 'good'.

(Thanks to Pandora Squared for the link)

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