The Great Green Tipping Point

There's a tremendous little post over at Worldchanging by Josh Dorfman tonight about the Sustainable Luxury Myth. Here's a tit-bit:

Two years from now there will be no more talk of aspirational/out-of-reach sustainable luxury. Sustainable design-entrepreneurs are on the cusp of the next phase of economic growth where scale is achieved and prices begin to fall. As this transpires and more consumers articulate their demand through their purchases, multinational corporations, fueled by the profit motive, will respond to market signals and employ their vast economies of scale to drive prices for sustainably designed products even lower. Millions of consumers will be the beneficiaries as will be the planet. Sustainability might still take the form of luxury goods but it will also be found in more affordable products.

With all this talk of climate change and environmental woe, it's refreshing to hear some optimism.

Josh isn't the only one who sees our current state as a huge opportunity. Eco-Fasion is becomng popular. The auto industry is slowly getting on board, with demand for hybrid cars stronger than ever. Ford is even encouraging drivers to offset their car emmisions. Solar and wind power are becoming more viable. Cycling is big again; bike sales are going through the roof as petrol prices go up. China are seeing the green revolution as an opportunity, while countries like Iceland have already pledged carbon neutrality. Crikey, even Matt Damon is on board.

Finally, it feels like we're seeing some progress here. A tipping point, perhaps?

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