It’s OK to suck

A great post today by Steve Rubel, praising companies that have the guts to say "We Suck". 

The "We suck" strategy is taking off. Admitting that you're not perfect is crucial in doing business. Having the guts to own up to mistakes builds credibility. It makes you look like a person, not a corporation.

"We suck" has worked for lots of companies including some of the big ones. L'Oreal and Microsoft are two great examples. They both gained plenty o' cred from admitting that they suck.

Maybe it can work for you too. 

8 Responses

  1. OK, I admit it.

    I suck.


  2. […] Ben Rowe had a good post on companies honest enough to say “We suck” when they do something that… well, sucks. […]

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  7. Imho it is a pretty nice idea. We are too pissed with the TV-idols who are increadibly perfect. That’s why all of us feels damned.

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