Google goes green

Google’s acquisition of You Tube is not the only thing putting them in the news recently. Treehugger and others have reported that the company are planning a massive installation of solar panels at their corporate headquaters.

They are planning to install over 1.6 megawatts worth of solar panels, enough to offset 30% of their energy use.

A giant like Google getting on board with renewable energy will only encourage others to follow suit. But the company believe that this will not only save them money, but will be a profit-maikng venture. Once they can prove the benefits of going solar, we can expect to see many others to do the same.

While it won’t win them a single new customer (Do they need anymore? We all use Google anyway), Google are setting the example of how business should operate in the 21st century – Not just going green because it’s a nice thing to do, but because it’s profitable to boot.

Stunning effort by Nikon

Nikon’s latest campaign to promote its new D80 has proven the power of social media for marketers.

NikonRather than opting for the traditional marketing route, Nikon chose to engage the creme-de-la-creme of today’s creative photographers to help out. Nikon selected a group of passionate, heavy flickr users who already use Nikon cameras, sent them their new D80 to try it out. The results are stunning, as Nikon can proudly exclaim. You can see them here.

This is a terrific way to create positive word of mouth about a new product. The social nature of flickr means that buzz about this promotion has spread like wildfire.

All of a sudden, thousands of flickr users have a positive encounter with the Nikon brand, from someone they have a relationship with. Nikon also chose some of the images taken to use in a 3-page spread ad to support the campaign.

Clever stuff. A big tip of the sombrero to Nikon for this one.

Back in a jiffy

Readers of this blog could be excused for thinking that I’ve fallen off the side of the earth.

But have no fear, dear readers! I will be back in Melbourne soon and can’t wait to start blogging again.

Stay Tuned!