CaseCamp goes to Second Life

There is no doubt the newest of new marketing this year has happened within the virtual world of Second Life.

I’ve been meaning to explore Second Life for some time now. Now I have a real reason to – Case Camp Second Life. Yep – the Case Camp team are organising one of their unconferences in Second Life. What a great idea.

CaseCamp in Second Life

CaseCamp SL will take place in the Crayonville Ampitheatre on Thursday, December 14 at 9:00PM EST (aka Melbourne time – 1:00 pm on Friday 15th). The number of attendees is limited to 40, so make sure you register your name on the wiki at Forty names will be selected at random from those registered.

The attendee list already looks impressive. Crayon’s own CC Chapman and Joseph Jaffe will be there, along with Bryan Person and some other top new-marketers.

In preparation for the event I began my second life this week, I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for a Second Life of my own. Oscar Mincemeat is the name – You’ll probably find me on Orientation Island, struggling to put a beachball on to a table.

Seriously though, Second Life is fascinating, and undoubtedly at the bleeding edge of new marketing. There are almost 1.5 million residents now, and the first (I think) SecondLife millionaire has just been named. So it’s looking to be more than just a passing fad.

CaseCamp Second Life seems to be the perfect place to dip the proverbial toes in the water – I can’t wait to.

6 Responses

  1. Great to see that you’ll be there. It should be an interesting time for sure. We’re all learning together which makes it all that much more fun.

  2. Been meaning to get into it too Ben. we are thinking of launching our new product on second life simulataneously. What do you think?

    Also, who out there thinks the money making is sustainable? Who thinks it’s a bubble? I think it is sustainable, because people are buying into their ego and entertainment value of being virtually wealthy.

  3. Thanks for stopping by CC, looking forward to meeting you there.

    Steve, I think that this is something worth thinking about for your business, even if it isn’t the most critical for a bootstrapped business. Let’s have a chat about this when we catch up next.

    Definitely agree with you about it being sustainable. Big and small companies are making money – like Dell actually selling computers in Second Life. There’s no doubt that the virtual web is here to stay.

  4. So only 40 people get to go? Doesn’t sound like a *great* idea to me.

  5. I forgot to metion one thing that might cause a bubble effect. There is no limit to supply of what is being purchased on second life. No real scarcity… could be a factor…

  6. Second Life would be a great testing platform for new products. Several companies such as Nike are already in SL.

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