‘Look Behind The Label’ :: M&S’s Ethical Marketing Success

You’d be hard-pressed to beat the UK’s Marks & Spencer when it comes to ethical marketing campaigns in 2006.

Earlier this year M&S launched their ‘Look Behing the Label‘ campaign in the store windows of 420 of their stores. The campaign focuses on the ethical ways M&S source and produce their product range. The image below is just one of the many creative executions to support this repositioning strategy.


I’ve got to say, they seem to have ticked all the boxes, from reducing packaging waste to banning toxic chemicals in their clothes to buying fairtrade. I also like it because:

  • It’s not just sizzle – their website goes into a lot of detail to back their claims. Ethical sourcing seems to be at the core of M&S’s strategy, not just tacked on as a commuications piece.
  • It is backed by independent organisations – The campaign has support from the like of Greenpeace and the RSPCA, giving it further credibility.
  • Rather than spending millions on a full-scale advertising campaign, they’ve focused their efforts on actually improving their range. They’ve done something that’s actually worth talking about.

The campaign has been hailed as a huge success by Marks and Spencer. It is promising to see a big retailer like this take a different stance than the status quo (Low, Very Low or Everyday Low Price) and go with something that’s sustainable instead.

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