New Years Light Bulb Resolution

Everyone’s favourite marketer, Seth Godin has posed an interesting question :: Why have only 6% of households ever installed a compact fluorescent (CF) light-bulb?

  • Because of the money? Well, surely not. After all, they save you money in the long term. And they’re much cheaper than they once were.
  • Not because of their environmental impact. Hell no, these reduce our greenhouse gases with one flick of the switch.

cf1.jpgSo what is it?

I think it’s habit. People have been buying regular light-bulbs for such a long time, they simply forget about buying the light-bulbs that they know they should be buying.

Seth thinks that it’s because of a new CF light-bulbs have a story problem : “They need to stop looking so weird, being so expensive and being so hard to open”. True enough.

Maybe it’s time to create a new story.

2006 has been a corker of a year for the climate change debate. No, the world is far from being saved. But people are starting to get the picture that Global Warming is real. 2006 has been good for awareness. 2007 might just be the year for action.

This action won’t come quickly for the vast majority. Most people won’t be giving up their cars for public transport. Or will they install solar panels, let alone sign up for green energy.

But changing a small habit – that of buying regular light-bulbs – surely can’t be that hard for people to break, can it? And what better way to break a habit (or form a new one) than with a new year’s resolution.

One of my new year’s resolutions this year to to change all my light-bulbs to CF . It’s a resolution than I can easily achieve over the course of the year. And the easy-to-achieve new years’ resolutions are the best ones, right? After all, changing a few light-bulbs sounds far easier than to quit smoking or lose weight.

If I were a light-bulb merchant, I’d be kicking off the new year with a “New Years Light-Bulb Resolution” strategy and story. Empower people into action, and make them feel good about it.

Happy new year!

(By the way – be sure to check out the Squidoo Lens on CF light-bulbs too.)

6 Responses

  1. Based on my own experience, I suspect it’s because they cast flourescent light and maybe people don’t want their living room feeling like their local 7-Eleven.

  2. I agree with Todd, it’s the harsh, yellow tint that turns most people off. Plus I think it’s also the fact that the bulbs are longer than the traditional incandescent and therefore stick out above the lamp shade.

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  4. […] As seen online: Yodel Anecdotal, Move, Destination Fantastic, and Ben Rowe. […]

  5. […] As seen online: Yodel Anecdotal, Move, Destination Fantastic, and Ben Rowe. […]

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