Goodbye to Craftsmanship?

The word on the street is that the Aussie icon boots, Blundstones, are moving their manufacturing offshore to Asia this year. They say it’s because “the company can no longer compete against low-cost imports.” Fair enough, you might say.blundstone1.jpg

But by doing this, the company signals the beginning of the end of the Blundstone brand.

Even a city-slicker like me knows that Blundstone shoes aren’t just a slip on boot. They are made with tender, loving care. They’re an item of pride, passion, and a reminder that “They just don’t make things like they used to”. ‘Blunnys’ are a Lovemark, no doubt.

So goodbye to brand authenticity and 120 years of heritage. Farewell to the strong perceptions of pride and passion. Because real marketing, the stuff that makes your customers go ga-ga about your product, is about one word :: Craftsmanship.

Making a durable, hard working show in Hobart, Tasmania smells like Craftsmanship. Offshore manufacturing in Asia does not. Blundstone have forgotten this. What a shame.
I have no doubt that the company will regret this decision in the long term. If I’m wrong, I am fully prepared to EAT one of their shoes. You heard it here first.

One Response

  1. This a classic example of ‘fear pricing’. Where manufacturers can only think of their marketing mix in terms of prices. Prices versus competitors, prices the retailers demand. It seems to me Blunnys are a lacking a little creativity.

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