The Boutique Generation

I am all over Tara Hunt’s post about the Boutique Generation, all about the movement that we are seeing against the ‘Masses’, that is Mass Production, Mass Consumption and the like. Perhaps human beings aren’t scalable after all.

Are you part of the Boutique Generation? You probably are if you:

  • Enjoy shopping at your local pharmacy, grocer, clothing store where you know the owners and feel yourself going out of your way to give them business even if their prices are higher because you prefer to have the personalized service over cost reduction.
  • Like to wear fashions by local designers, buy vintage pieces and buy clothing and jewelry when you travel that nobody else will have, but you always have a story for.
  • Pride yourself in being able to give these ‘insider tidbits’ to others and connect to fellow customers when immersed in the experience

Make sure you check out her full post here.

4 Responses

  1. Ben,
    See what politicians in the UK are doing to combat the rise of mass production in this article in the bbc. Hopefully people including political leaders recognize the importance of this so called ‘Boutique Generation’, which is really the fabric of society.

  2. Fascinating. A posted something a while ago. Here is a part of that post: “What effect does it have on brands? To cope with the abundance of supply will we sell ourselves the story that it is not the “buying of the best” that counts but “enjoying what you have bought” that counts. Whatever the choice was. Will we learn to see value in everything to cope with this constant cognitive dissonance. So are the small things the new treasures. The small brands, the crafters and the passionate. I believe so.. We will be more inclined to shop favourable “companies” than to rationalised comparisons.touched this subject.”

  3. […] Marketing, User Generated Products, Connected Society, Intrinsic values, Valuechain Via Ben Rowe I read this post from Tara Hunt(I will follow her now). She explains the generation/group of people […]

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