The worst campaign ever?

I thought Diesel’s ridiculous range of footwear was good enough reason to boycott the brand.

Their new “Global Warming Ready” campaign encourages you to look good while the polar ice caps are melting.

And what’s with the white pants? I feel sick.

(via NOTCOT)

5 Responses

  1. Those crazy Italians were great at building cathedrals and they can make a mean coffee, keep away from the fashion creative I say!!

  2. I’m no expert but I see fashion as in today and tomorrow throw away and in a few months, years or decades, embarrassing enough to not admit to.

    If this is what fashion is then good work Diesel !

  3. Just a weak attempt by Diesel to be controversial. Might have worked if the clothes actually looked good….but they don’t.

  4. […] Not too long ago, I shot out a quick post about the worst campaign ever. […]

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