It’s only the beginning

It really is impressive to hear so many examples of big businesses going green. BUT:

  • Toyota tells us that they are are green with the hybrid Prius … but what about the rest of their gas-guzzling range?
  • Google embark on a massive solar panel installation … but Larry and Sergey fly around in their own their own leer jet.
  • The big retailers like Walmart and Tesco are jumping aboard the green train with their own initiatives. But they’re still importing their lettuces from other continents.
  • Richard Branson has plans to make his Virgin brand more green. But he’s in the aviation industry.
  • Anya Hindmarch’s uber-cool “I am not a plastic bag” bags, designed for Sainsbury’s in the UK, weren’t plastic. They were, however, made in China using non-organic cotton and cheap labour.

No doubt there have been some huge inroads to sustainable business in 2007. But there’s still a long way to go.

2 Responses

  1. Great entry demonstrating lip service versus true pasion to make a green difference. Most of the corporate palava about going green is just more of the same hypocracy we’ve seen on other issues. The truth is we need governement policy, or proven profitability from entreprenerurs in sustainable activities or nothing will ever change.

  2. Something I find slightly comical is how so many people will say that it isn’t worth it to add

    solar energy to your home because it takes too long for the system to “pay itself off”. If you

    save up the money and have a system installed you suddenly have a tiny utility bill, if any

    bill at all. To me it’s a simple cash-flow equation.

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