More websites to save the world

A little while ago I posted a few websites that are doing their bit to help the planet. Here’s a few more to add to the list: – A very cool green site where you can create and track your carbon footprint and share you footprint profile with others. MakeMeSustainable then gives you suggestions on how to reduce your footprint. It’s great. The social networking aspect of the site also introduces a dose of peer pressure into the equation. is another cool idea. This is a flash website for kids, where they can create an eco-friendly home online, and learn about sustainability along the way. You can look at other people’s homes, and share your houses with others via myspace widgets. Pretty neat.

rentoid.gif There area lot of renting / swapping websites popping up over the world, encouraging us to hire stuff, rather than buy things that we don’t necessarily need.

I like because people can earn money renting out their stuff (And also because I’m friends with the founders). Most of the items available for rent are here in Melbourne, but that shouldn’t stop you from listing some of your own items to rent out.

2 Responses

  1. I really like this post, but I’m sure that there are more sites with the same theme. I any case, i really like the rentoid concept

  2. There are Gimly, you’re right.

    Think I might start to compile a comprehensive list of these sites. At some stage.


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