Green Living Toolbox

Just when I was about to put together a comprehensive list of Green Websites (to add to the ones I’d mentioned here and here), Mashable have put together a huge list of  Green sites.

Of the 80+ green websites listed, here are just a few of my favourites:

  • Treehugger –  Probably the biggest green news blog out there (and have recently been acquired by the Discovery Channel).
  • NetSquared – A interesting online community that is encouraging non-profits to spread their message via the internet and social media.
  • – A social network for activism, including environmental activism.
  • Yahoo! Green :: Carbon Calculator – Not the first Carbon footprint calculator, and probably not the last. But it’s good to see that Yahoo! are trying some green initiatives at the moment.
  • Electrocity – Looks like SimCity turned green.

It’s a great list … Make sure you take a look.

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