Facebook Tip#2 :: Listen

Facebook is the new and hip social media tool right now, just like blogs were before it.

But the rules of Facebook and blogging are the same – With social media, you need to listen before you talk. So before you commit to doing anything on Facebook – be it a group or application – you need to do some listening.

So start by doing a search for your brand on Facebook, just as you would a Technorati or Google search to see if anyone has been blogging about you? What do you find?

If you’re an evil company, like Exxon, you’ll find a lot of “Boycott Exxon Mobil” groups. If you’re a good company, like say, Cooper’s Beer, then you’ll find a real community of Coopers addicts.

It’s the same rules as Blogging 101, except that it’s another place online where you need to have your ear to the ground.

Second step is to engage in the conversation. If your customers know that you’re listening, and are prepared to take heed of what they have to say, you’re well on your way to knowing how to ride the choppy seas of Facebook and new marketing in general.

wispa.gif A good example of a big company that has listened to their customers on facebook is Cadbury. After seeing the petitions of thousands of Facebooks users to bring back their Wispa bar, they have done just that. I’m with Shel – I think that this is a very smart move by Cadbury. They have listened to their customers and responded accordingly (And have had a lot of positive press coverage as a result).

Sound familiar?

2 Responses

  1. […] The bottom line is that what Cadbury’s and Publicis have done well is Listen. Facebook is the new and trendy Social Media tool at the moment, just as blogs were before it. The rules of success are still the same though. Listen to the Conversation and then Engage in the discussions. […]

  2. Are there any mechanisms to keep track of selected new Facebook group postings via RSS? I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this.

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