Heard of Firefox?

You may have heard about a little web browser by the name of Firefox.

Though it’s not so little anymore. Analysts are predicting that Mozilla’s Firefox will soon capture 20% of the total browser market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has lost more than 10% of the total browser market in the past 2 years, and most of it has been to Firefox.

Better still, most of this has been done without ANY substantial marketing or advertising budget. Instead, Firefox have relied heavily on Word of Mouth from their loyal user base, along with the extraordinary power of social media.

Firefox Download Day
Firefox Download Day

Firefox’s latest campaign in June revolved around ‘Firefox Download Day’. ‘Download Day’ was an online event designed to encourage people to download the latest version of the browser, Firefox 3.

And the campaign was a huge success. Over 8 million copies were downloaded in a 24 hour period. Which means Firefox is now a Guiness World Record-holder.These are just some of the social-media tools that Mozilla used to spread the word: 

  • Via their community portal, Spreadfirefox, Mozilla created a series of Firefox buttons and badges, that bloggers could embed on their own blogs, myspace pages and the like.
  • Facebook fan page – Fortunately for Mozilla, the Firefox Facebook page has over 115,000 members. They used this page to distribute links, articles and other information that pointed users to the Download Day site. Similar tactics were used on other social networking sites like Myspace and Bebo.
  • You Tube – The Firefox designers produced a series of videos, which promoted the new versions features. These were then added to Youtube.
  • Twitter – Mozilla also posted news and updates about Download Day to their 5,000 Uber Geeky followers through their twitter account.
  • Mozilla Party Central to celebrate the launch of Firefox 3, the Mozilla community hosted hundreds of parties across the planet. They used a Google-maps mashup to promote them

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Start a Facebook group, design a few blog badges and upload something to You Tube, and you’re a viral phenomenon, right?

Actually, no. We all know Word of Mouth marketing isn’t easy. You need loyal, preferably fanatical, customers who believe in what you do. And you need remarkable products that keep getting better. Without having these, it’s near impossible to achieve a word of mouth success story like Fireworks have. As they say, “If you want to be talked about, you need to be worth talking about”.

But if you can achieve all of the above, well-orchestrated social-media marketing campaign can turn your word of mouth up to 11.

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  1. Agree – first comes after great products, and after great products, come the ‘potential’ for effective social media tools, which ‘might’ be useful in generating word of mouth.

    Word of mouth is the last thing that happens after a whole lot of effective marketing which happens long before it.

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