8 ridiculously cool things to link to

It’s been a while since I’ve linked to anything, let alone posted on this blog. So here’s a list of 8 cool websites that I’m dying to share with you:


Maopost.com – Where you can send in your own photo and they’ll turn it into an awesome Chinese progoganda photo.


Please Dress Me – A great new t-shirt search engine that demonstrates the delightfulness of niches on the interwebs.


NetGranny – This is a darling of the boutique generation … a website that you can order knitted socks from a granny of your choice.


Foodzie – Currently in Beta, this is the Etsy model but for homemade food. Anything from pickles to popcorn. Brilliant idea. 


The Milk Crate Digest – A blog about … milkcrates.


I vote for art – A great new site to buy and vote for art / illustration prints.

Ahh, sorry – I couldn’t help it. It’s my new online art store. I’ll tell you some more about it soon


Questionable Content – My new favourite web comic.


IKEA Hacker – Perhaps 
the best example yet that proves that no mark
eter can control their own brand. The community does.

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