Where’ve you been then, benrowesblog?

Tonight, 11:39 on September 19th 2008, it’s come as a minor epiphany to me that I need to get back into ‘blogging thing’.

The thing is, I’ve been busy with other stuff. In the last 12 months I’ve been working for a digital agency, so my web career has been heading in the direction I’ve wanted it to. In actual fact I’ve moved away from the marketing sphere, and into more of a strategy / business analysis / usability direction (if in fact that is a direction).

And I’ve also been keeping myself out of mischief with a little global microbrand that I’ve launched, by the name of i vote for art. I’m sure that I’ll tell you more about that later.

But I need to get back into blogging. So, while not making any outlandish promises about posting frequency or quality, I’m going to spend a bit more time with the good people of wordpress.com and start blogging again.

Enough of the confessionals and on with the show.

One Response

  1. Welcome back Mr Kotter…

    I’ve been visiting, hoping, waiting and now rejoicing.

    You wont regret the comeback – bloggging = mind exercise somehting I vote for Art will love.


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