UX Snacks

inspireuxMaybe it’s the snack culture we live in these days. Maybe it’s my ever declining attention span. But one blog that I look forward to reading each day is inspireUX.


The format is simple:

  •  A daily quote from an Designer or User Experience expert.
  • Followed by a link to the source of the quote.
  • A take-away 4 x 6 card, containing the quote, which you can then use for inspiration later on.


Here’s today’s quote:




The content is primarily for web design and UX, but I reckon this is worth reading whatever field you find yourself in. A good way to spend 12 seconds of your day.


Check it out.

10 must-have iphone apps

iphone_homeI hate to admit it, but it’s true – I am a consumer. And I can’t hold out much longer until I buy an iphone.

I’m two months away until the end of my current phone contract, so I’ll probably wait until then. So in preperation for the big day, I put together a list of “Must Have” iphone apps. The ones that I must have, that is 😉

PhotoswapPhotoswap sounds like a very simple, and highly addictapp. You take a photo of something, and Photoswap sends it to another random user. In return, you receive a random picture taken by someone else.

FourTrackFour track is a beautifully designed four track recorder – attach a microphone to your ipod and get recording.

Urban SpoonUrban spoon’s iphone app looks like a very way to find new restaurants. You can search by area, cuisine type, and price. And you can ‘Shake’ the app for a random restaurant suggestion. Like playing a pokie machine but infinitely better. And there are restaurants in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) too.

Twitteriffic – I’ve been using Twitterific as my Twitter client on the Mac for a few months now. Can’t see any reason why I would use Twitterific on iphone too.

Drink – Nice to see some Melbourne based iphone apps are out there. Drink is the iphone app version of Melbourne ‘Bar Secrets’, the Melbourne bar guide that you usually buy offline in a “deck of cards” format. Very cool.

EvernoteEvernote for iPhone sounds like the ultimate idea storage device. It allows you to take and tag notes, audio memos and photos. From all repots this one is a real winner (and it’s free!).

Midomi – Don’t know the name of that song? Sing it, or hum it into the Midomi song recognition app, and you will.

Ocarina – Up until about a week ago, I didn’t know what an Ocarina was (It’s an ancient flute-like wind instrument, by the way). But it’s made a resurgance in the modern day, reaching the top of the list in the app store in recent weeks. beautiful UI, and looks very addictive.

Flip Clock – A simple analogue clock for the ever-increasing digital world, Flip Clock is definitely worth a look.

Brightkite – I’ve saved this one until last, as it looks like a real ggame changer to me. This location based social network uses the GPS on your iphone. Which means you can locate, message and potentially meet up with people who are in your vicinity. To me this seems like much more than just an app – but potentially a whole new way that people will interact with each other. Here’s a video to give you the idea:

Has anyone used these apps? Does anyone else have some good suggestions of apps they’ve used? Or heard of? Let me know in the comments if you have some others. Thanks.

Update – You  might be interested in reading about another 10 iphone apps that I’ve blogged about recently.

Create your own RSS Newspaper with Tabbloid

Here’s a nifty little idea that HP have put together. It’s an easy way to create your own PDF newspaper with the RSS feeds that you subscribe to. It’s called Tabbloid.

I like this idea for several reasons:tabbloid

  • Ideas like this will help RSS move into the mainstream. Which is a good thing.
  • It sure beats reading crappy free newspapers on your commute home.
  • Complete simplicity – Check out the website, you’ll realise just how easy it is to set this up. No sign up form. No hoops to jump through.
  • Because of the third point, I don’t feel as though I’m being marketed to. It’s just a nice little tool that can be used by HP and non-HP customers alike.

Improvements? Currently it doesn’t embed any images that are in your feeds. At first I thought that this would be dealbreaker for me, as I read a lot of image based blogs like Smashing Mag, PSFK and Wooster. But, having used it a few times this week, I think it’s better for not having images. They’re just a waster of printing. And there’s plenty of other RSS feeds that I can read instead.

(Thanks to Steve Rubel and Mitch Joel for the link)