A lazy person’s guide to online marketing

It goes something like this:

  • Find something cool on the internet
  • Sponsor the cool thing or buy advertising space around it
  • People will instantly associate your brand with said cool thing
  • Sales will go through the roof, because your brand is instantly cool too

Sounds too good to be true. That’s because it is.

Yet, that’s exactly what Absolut Vodka have done. I like the Absolut brand. Beautiful packaging. Tasty Vodka. And usually, very decent marketing campaigns too. Dare I say it, but Absolut are one of those brands that can trascend advertising. But not this time. Check out the video below:

Sure, the Improv Everywhere is, as always, great work. You could see why Absolut might want to associate themselves with them. But their advertising? L-A-M-E spells lame. It’s lazy. And frankly, I would have expected better from a brand like Absolut. You can just imagine how the boardroom conversation went:

“So Jones, what’s cool on the internet right now?”

“Well, Mr Thomas, our studies have shown that Improv Everywhere, the flash-mobbing group, is the coolest thing.”

“What’s Flash-mobbing, Jones?”

“Doesn’t really matter, Mr. Thomas. We just know that it’s very cool right now”

“Excellent. Great work Jones! Book some banner ads or something immediately.”

Good marketing online requires a little more work. You need to create a conversation, not just plug your latest campaign.

Their ‘Absolut World’ campaign isn’t a bad one. It’s just that they’ve treated online marketing like it’s any other channel. But guess what? It isn’t.