Web Design Inspiration


One of my goals for 2009 is to improve my web design skills – starting off with CSS, and maybe even following up by some other coding. To get me started, I’m putting together a list of great looking websites in a set my flickr page. Here’s a link to what I’ve added so far:


My idea for doing this was inspired by Patrick Haney’s great list (http://www.flickr.com/photos/splat/). In fact, I’ve even used some of his examples to get me started (Thanks Patrick).

If you’ve seen any good looking sites or web apps lately, feel free to share the links in the comments below. Thanks!

One Response

  1. Thanks for the mention, Ben. The Flickr set is highly popular, but I still add to it mostly for my own reference later on. Here’s hoping your set is as useful to you as mine is to me.

    Might I also suggest checking out the new screenshot cataloging software for the Mac, LittleSnapper? It’s really handy and worth every penny. Plus it posts to Flickr for you.


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