Best of the internet – My favourite posts for 2008)

I’ve been wandering through my delicious links for the past year, and I thought I’d share with you some of the blog posts that sum up some of things that I really enjoyed in 2008. Without further ado …

Possibly one of the most talked about posts for the year, 1,000 True Fans is about how artists and other content creators can profit from the endless longtail – by concentrating on their 1,000 “True Fans” – to make a living.

I think this post from Steve was probably his best for the year. He argues that many Bloggers and Journalists are ignoring PR pitches and don’t want the help of PR folk for news and post ideas – opting instead to report only on things that they discover themselves. The bottom line – It’s more important for you to be discoverable than it is to send out willy nilly press releases. Too true.

With the launch of i vote for art, I spent a lot of 2008 exploring new artists on the interwebs. This post by Tiny Dad really typifies the types of artists that i like, and the style that I’m trying to represent on my site.

This isn’t so much a blog post, but an incredibly cool way to launch something new. Google acquired the help of Scott McCloud to design a comic to coincide with the launch of their browser. Really nifty I thought.

Adbusters’ rather brutal critique of the “Hipster” – who embody the apathy, nihilism and superficial cool of our contemporary culture – caused quite a stir. But a pretty important article.  I have mixed feelings about Adbusters, but it is at least a magazine that actually speaks about topics with substance.

The original Wired article that will become Chris’ new book in 2009. I’m looking forward to it.

Again, not a blog post per se, but a great demonstration of flash mobbing – just one of the thousand trends that epitomises the exciting times we live in, thanks to collaboration, crowdsourcing, and the interwebs.

Everyone,  including myself, went Twitter crazy in 2008 – I thought this piece by Tim summed up a lot of why Twitter has become so popular.

Ahh, the online mixtape revival of 2008. Such a shame that it didn’t last, but I guess it was always too good to be true. This post from RWW reviewed 3 of the better mixtape providers.

I loved this part rant, part celebrartion by Clay Shirky about this new era of participation. A great read.

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  1. Would Design by Humans or be examples of crowdsourcing?

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