Freitag does confirmation emails right

I’ve confessed my love for Freitag several times before. They’re one of the first true green companies I  stumbled across, and their messenger bags made from used truck tarps, seat belts and bicycle inner tubes are rad, gnarly and awesome.


This week I made my first online purchase at the Freitag online shop. I now love this company even more, based on the order confirmation email that I got. It went like this:

Dear Ben of idyllic Melbourne,

Your Ordernumber is: {link}

We‘re honered to announce that you soon will be proud F97 WILLY owner. We do everything within and beyond our power to make sure that in no time a charming delivery man will ring your bell to hand over your personal piece of FREITAG!

Later this evening we‘re going to celebrate your shopping skills till dawn and we will drink at least 17 times to you. Therefore again, thank you very much!

Best regards
Your FREITAG Online Team

Usual delivery times (F-cut excluded):
Switzerland: 2-3 days
EU-Countries: 5-8 days
Rest of th world: 10-15 days

And this one when they shipped it:

Hello Ben

Finally!! Your F-product has been successfully packed and is now about to leave our F-factory. We all gathered one last time in the factory hall to wave goodbye with scattered emotions.

We wish you and your FREITAG‘s the best of health in future. May you live in harmonic and eternal friendship!

To track the shipment of your beloved F-item please visit: {link}
Your tracking number is: {tracking number}

Once again, thanks heaps and we‘d love to welcome you back soon in our online store.

Your FREITAG Online Team

Both these emails made me smile. It goes to show that it doesn’t have to cost anything to building loyalty with your customers.

One Response

  1. Yes, Freitag is a really great company (I used to be their agent for a little while in Sweden many years ago, so I might be partial to their ways) and they deserve every praise they can get.

    It feels very authentic as well, they are like that in everything they do. From the smallest detail on their products to their customer service, and that pays off I think (and hope).

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