Polaroid is dead! Long live Polaroid!

You’ve no doubt heard that this year, Polaroid will be selling it’s final stock of instant-photo goodness this year?


But did you hear that Polaroid film is coming back?

The Impossible Project is an idea by Polanoid.net‘s very own Florian Kaps. Kaps has recently signed a 10-year lease on the original Polaroid factory in the Netherlands, and plans to start producing polaroid film again as soon as the old stuff runs out.

Visit the wesbite and you’ll see more. And with the thousands of fans of Polaroid, I think Kaps could be onto a good thing. But he was quoted as saying that “The project is more than a business plan; it’s a fight against the idea that everything has to die when it doesn’t create turnover.”. 

Hoorah to that.

(Photo Credit :: Grant Hamilton)

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