Another 10 must have iphone apps

My “10 must-have iphone apps” post back in November was rather popular. And since I folded in December and got myself an iphone, I thought you might be interested in another top 10 apps that I’ve discovered, post purchase:

What the Font – Actually, I’ve just downloaded this, so can’t really say whether it’s must have, but I think it will be. What the font allows you to whip out your camera, take a photo of some type, and wait patiently to find out what the font is. Fontastic!  

Tweetie – After a long love affair with Twitterific, I have recently swapped to Tweetie as my iphone Twitter client. Better for retweets, replies and dms. $3 well spent.

CSS Cheat Sheet – Now that I’m teaching myself CSS, I’m finding this handy little app very useful. CSS Cheat Sheet is what it says, an app that gives you a quick refresher on all things CSS. Not 100% perfect, but I’m sure it will improve in time.

Things – ’bout time I got things done. Things is handy little GTD app is the priciest app I’ve bought. But it’s only $12. Heck, that’s only 2 beers. A very simple app to use and get organised – for once and for all.

Remote – Now i can wirelessly change tracks on my mac’s itunes, which wirelessly changes songs on my stereo via this very hand app from apple themselves.. An amazing revelation, or a one way ticket to obesity? You decide.

CameraBagCamera Bag is an essential tool for taking photos on your iphone. It comes with a stack of photo filter effects to emulate different camera and film styles. It’s like having a lomo camera on your iphone – and more.

Bloom – I admit, I was lured into buying this one purely because Brian Eno was involved in the creation of it. But it was worth it. Bloom a nifty little ambient music generator with a beautiful UI, and soothes one’s soul. 

CliqCliq colorsCliqCliq is a beautiful little app you can use to lookup color references and create color pallettes. It’s a keeper for any designer or color lover. You can even create colour paletters from photos you take. Lovely.

Touchgrind – I don’t really do games on my iphone. But Touchgrind, the finger skateboard game takes me back to a my teen skating days. It’s great, and tremendously addictive. If you only have one game on your iphone, this is it kids.

WordPress – You all know how much I love wordpress. Did I mention that the blogging platform also has it’s own iphone app? Splendid.

Here’s the link to my first post, with another 10 iphone apps you may very well be interested in.

And if there are some other apps you’d like to point out, I’m all ears.

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