Talkin’ Skittles

This is fairly interesting. Skittles have changed their homepage to a link to a Twitter Search on Skittles.

All sorts of conversation, is happening right now about it. I mean RIGHT NOW:

ryancarson : is now a Twitter search for the word “skittles” – Interesting (via @laughingsquid)
sushimonster : I can imagine the ad agency’s pitch now to skittles… “We’re not going to design you a new website. Your site will be THE INTERNET”. $80k pls

durbin : has anyone else heard about the skittles salmonella outbreak? be careful tasting the rainbow, its deadly.

emilychang : watching the tweets about skittles coming in and LMAO. the backlash has already begun. geek irony rules.

j3thr0 : I have a sudden craving for Skittles

and, ahem, my favourite:

ivoteforart: I’d rather spend my pocket money on a great piece of affordable art at, rather than a measly packet of Skittles

This graph, taken from Twitscoop, shows just how much buzz there has been in the last two hours:

To be honest, I’m not really sure what to make of this tactic. It will definitely create a bit of cheap PR for them, as media and bloggers alike talk about it. And then it will probably fizzle into nothing. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. At least they’re having a crack, I guess.

What’s your take?

One Response

  1. When You Can’t Get #Skittles Stick With #Strawberries And #Blueberries For Those Sugar Cookies…

    If I hadn’t given up candy (and ice cream and chocolate snacks) for Lent, I’d totally walk across the street to Raplh’s and scoop some skittles for this batch! Sure, with Skittles Simultaneously Serving Social Media Snacks at Skittle…

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