And we’ve moved

Ben Rowe’s Blog, all 270 posts of it, has a new location.

After three and a half years (that last post was a typo), I’ve decided to register a proper domain name, move over to and continue from there.

From now on, you can read my posts at

What are you waiting for? Head on over and grab a seat.

Where do you find the best online marketing blog posts for 2007?

Techipedia, that’s where.

Tamar Weinberg has put together a phenomenal list of over 250 blog posts from 2007, covering everything you need to know about marketing online. Blogging, social networking, viral strategies, social media – you name it.

Here it is – Truly a great list that will have you reading for hours.

2007 has been rather quiet here at my blog, and posting has been scarce. It’s been a busy year for me, changing jobs (on 2 occasions), getting married, buying a house and starting a business. Not sure if 2008 will be any calmer, but I hope to blog more in the new year. Thanks for reading!

Who says I can’t be bought?

The key to a good marketing campaign these days is to start small.

That’s what The Ryde, a cool vintage T-Shirt site, have done by sending me some great new T-shirts, including this one and this one.

No doubt, a blogger-relations program is something that anybody should consider as a way of getting their word out about their product or service. But all too often, marketers will just choose a select list of A-List bloggers to reach out to, and hope that they orchestrate a word-of-mouth wildfire in the process.

A-List bloggers probably receive 10 requests like this a day. Even if your product or service is remarkable, the bigger bloggers are less likely to talk about you, because they just won’t have as much time.

My advice – start small. Reach out to C and D list bloggers like me instead. You’re more likely to gain flattery, which will ensure that the buzz will spread. Admittedly, you won’t get the overnight success. But these days, overnight success is pretty rare.

This is the first time anyone has sent me something to review or talk about on my blog. And naturally I’m going to. Not because I’ve been bought or bribed, but because I’ve been flattered. Someone has actually taken the time to reach me on a one-to-one basis, and so of course I’m going to spread the word about The Ryde.

I’ve had a truly excellent experience of this brand, and that’s why I’m letting you know. And I bet there’s others out there who are talking about The Ryde too.

So thanks to the Ryde for these cool T-shirts, one of which I’m proudly wearing today. Make sure you check out their T-shirts too, there’s plenty o’ goodness in their range.

Facebook Tip#2 :: Listen

Facebook is the new and hip social media tool right now, just like blogs were before it.

But the rules of Facebook and blogging are the same – With social media, you need to listen before you talk. So before you commit to doing anything on Facebook – be it a group or application – you need to do some listening.

So start by doing a search for your brand on Facebook, just as you would a Technorati or Google search to see if anyone has been blogging about you? What do you find?

If you’re an evil company, like Exxon, you’ll find a lot of “Boycott Exxon Mobil” groups. If you’re a good company, like say, Cooper’s Beer, then you’ll find a real community of Coopers addicts.

It’s the same rules as Blogging 101, except that it’s another place online where you need to have your ear to the ground.

Second step is to engage in the conversation. If your customers know that you’re listening, and are prepared to take heed of what they have to say, you’re well on your way to knowing how to ride the choppy seas of Facebook and new marketing in general.

wispa.gif A good example of a big company that has listened to their customers on facebook is Cadbury. After seeing the petitions of thousands of Facebooks users to bring back their Wispa bar, they have done just that. I’m with Shel – I think that this is a very smart move by Cadbury. They have listened to their customers and responded accordingly (And have had a lot of positive press coverage as a result).

Sound familiar?

A little bit of trumpet blowing

I’ve been reading Bootstrapper, a great new(ish) blog about entrepreneurship for about a month now.

So I was completely blown away today to find out that my blog was included in their list of “The 100 Daily Must-Reads for Entrepreneurs”. Thanks Bootstrapper!

It’s probably the first and only time that I’ll be on a top 100 list along with Seth Godin, John Jantsch, Steve Rubel and Guy Kawasaki. I’m over the moon!

It’s easy

How To Get Bloggers To Talk About You

found at bLaugh (via NotCot)

The 3 to 1 Ratio

The more you give, the more you get. Simple as that.

Recently I’ve been commenting a lot more on other people’s blogs, rather than solely posting on my own. And you know what? Something is happening. More people are reading my blog because I’ve taken the time to comment on theirs. After all, it is a share economy we leave in now, right?

So from now on, I’m adopting AT LEAST a 3:1 comments to posts ratio on my blog. Spend more time giving, and the rewards will follow. So now I’m off to comment on your blogs.

This rule applies in areas far outside of this geeky blogosphere though.