Hugh Macleod at PSFK

PSFK have posted another video from their London conference. This time it’s with Gaping Void blogger Hugh Macleod, who talks about his work with the now famous Stormhoek wines, which I have spoken about before.

Hugh was the first person to coin the phrase ‘Global Microbrand‘, referring to a tiny brand that now has easy access to the world because of the internet. In today’s Long Tail world, Global Microbrands are thriving, and this video shows just one of the ways that we can now get a product out to the world with the use of social media.

Click here for the link.

We’re going to see more and more of these, and it’s one of the most exciting things about the state of marketing today: that tiny brands have just as much chance of winning that the big ones do.

Be Genuine

Today’s post is ripped completely from Brand Autopsy. It’s a quote by longtail extraordinaire Chris Anderson about being genuine:

“Genuine is an e-mail from a person rather than a company. If the lead singer of some band that I like sends out an e-mail to those of us who have registered our interest, that’s authentic in a way that a record label sending out an e-mail wouldn’t be. If the lead singer responds to his e-mail, that’s even better. A MySpace page is more authentic than a billboard. A blog is more authentic than a press release. It’s all about having a human voice and re-personalizing the connections.”

“The key is in catalyzing word of mouth. If consumers don’t trust institutions and do trust individuals, if they don’t want to be marketed at and do want to be influenced by their peers, how can marketers influence those influencers, those alpha peers? Some companies have done lots of experiments in this. There are fake blogs and fake viral videos and fake buzz marketing. It sometimes works, but if you’re busted, it turns into a PR nightmare.”

There’s nothing really new or surprising here. But from time to time, it’s nice to hear someone reiterate these thoughts.

Thanks John. And Chris. Quote via Deliver Magazine.

The Boutique Generation

I am all over Tara Hunt’s post about the Boutique Generation, all about the movement that we are seeing against the ‘Masses’, that is Mass Production, Mass Consumption and the like. Perhaps human beings aren’t scalable after all.

Are you part of the Boutique Generation? You probably are if you:

  • Enjoy shopping at your local pharmacy, grocer, clothing store where you know the owners and feel yourself going out of your way to give them business even if their prices are higher because you prefer to have the personalized service over cost reduction.
  • Like to wear fashions by local designers, buy vintage pieces and buy clothing and jewelry when you travel that nobody else will have, but you always have a story for.
  • Pride yourself in being able to give these ‘insider tidbits’ to others and connect to fellow customers when immersed in the experience

Make sure you check out her full post here.